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Summer is over, and as heart-breaking as this sounds, I feel like it… - The Mind, Life and Stylings of Elliot Avenue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Sep. 8th, 2009|07:51 pm]
Elliott Avenue
Summer is over, and as heart-breaking as this sounds, I feel like it never happened for me, or Selena. I mean, I felt the heat (until it started getting COLD IN JULY) and I saw some meteors, but there were no road trips or great parties or baseball games or lazy afternoons at the beach. It was just me and Selena feeling imprisoned in a faraway city. She moved away at the beginning of summer, and I accompanied her. Our summer consisted of gas stations and grocery stores and getting pissed at our fat, grumpy neighbor and driving back and forth from Sterling Heights to Ortonville a thousand times and maybe three seconds of frisbee. That dreamlike state of summer we were hoping for never really happened.

I remember all last winter, while Selena and I froze our butts off, all we talked about was how excited we were about summer and all the awesome things we were going to do and how happier everything would make us feel. Now that summer is letting Fall get ready for its 2009 debut, I can't help but pray for better days to come. I don't think Selena and I could have made it through this summer without each other, but now that we've made it, I firmly believe that her and I deserve some kind of medal or reward. We had the worst kind of obstacles that two twenty-somethings could have: misunderstanding and manipulative parents, Tom the Stepfatherjerk, frequent isolation, heavy financial burden, millions of spiders, and of course, Jim a.k.a. Colonel Douche Bag a.k.a. Selena's unintelligent, arrogant, pissy next-door neighbor.

So, after succumbing to and fighting off these evils of the world, WE DESERVE A VAFUCKINGCATION. Or at least a nice Fall, and I don't mean physically. Fall or Autumn or whatever better be nice to us, OR WE WILL BEAT UP THE WORLD.