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10 for 2010 [Feb. 8th, 2010|04:13 am]
Elliott Avenue
1. The final season of LOST has begun.
2. In ten days, I will be 24.
3. I was recently given a large sum of money from my grandparents.
4. I'm not in school, nor do I have a job.
5. Selena and I have been together for 14 months.
6. All of my debts have been paid off (finally).
7. I do not have any kind of schedule in my life, not even in regards to sleep.
8. Unfortunately, I still share a room with my brother.
9. My best friend, Matthew Feuer, is back home again.
10. I've discovered the joy of Phoenix Coney Island.

2010 is turning into an interesting, intriguing and powerful year.